Products - Others

Besides the main production line, CLS do have other paper products, like Wall Sticker, Label, Memo Pad, Greeting Card, Playing Card, Cardboard Game, Learning Book, Booklet, Roll Wrap, Calendar, etc.

CLS's Design or customer's own design can be printed on these products for building your special image.

除了主要的生產線,CLS 亦有其他紙產品,像牆紙貼,貼紙,便利貼,賀咭,玩具咭,紙咭遊戲,兒童書,書冊,禮物包裝紙,掛曆 / 台曆 / 月曆咭 等等

CLS 提供的設計或客戶的自家設計,都可印刷在產品上以建立客戶的獨特品牌

Gift Wrap Products