About Us

CLS Industrial is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Box Packaging, Jigsaw Puzzle, Paper Bag, Food Packaging and Other Paper Products like Playing Card, Cardboard Game, Wall Sticker, Label, Memo Pad, Greeting Card, Gift Wrap, Calendar, Booklet, Learning Book, Party Products, etc. With an innovative design team, customers can apply our pattern design on their own products to create their own image.

We are based in Hong Kong, we strive to provide one-stop world-class service to bring customers' ideas to the market. High quality, efficiency and competitive price are the keys to the business success. Our efficient team service is recognized by worldwide, includes Europe, USA , Canada, North America, and  Asian countries.

Our factory located in Guangdong, China, our professional service and outstanding performance are recognized by the world. We were awarded ISO9001, ICTI, Disney, etc. to reach customers’ requirements.

CLS是一間專業的製造和供應商,產品有紙盒包裝,拼圖,紙袋,食品包裝 其他紙品 如玩具咭,紙咭遊戲,牆紙貼,貼紙,便利貼,賀咭,禮物包裝紙,掛曆 / 台曆 / 月曆咭,兒童書,書冊,派對用品等等。有著創新的設計團隊,CLS的設計可用於客戶的產品上以建立獨特的自我品牌

我們在香港致力提供一站式全球服務,務求令客戶的意念帶到市場。高質素,高效率 和 競爭性價格 是成功的必要條件,我們有效率的服務被世界如 歐美加,南美 和 亞洲國家 所認同

我們廠房在中國廣東,我們的專業 和 優秀表現 已得到世界認同,獲得ISO9001 ICTI Disney 等証書,保證我們能達到客戶的要求

Our Advantages

(1) Competitive Price

We use the matching and reasonable raw material for mass production in order to offer a competitive price.

(2)  One-Stop Service

we provide one- stop service from design to mass production and final shipment

(3) Design Choosing / OEM Product

We do have over than 700 designs pattern for customer choosing and we also welcome OEM design from customer

(4) Quality Control

From raw material to final product, from delivery to related documents, from ship out to after sales service, we review all the steps by our quality control team.

(5) On time Delivery

High quality, efficiency and on time delivery are the key of our success


CLS的優勢 :

(1)   具競爭性價格

我們選用正確和價宜的原材料 生產,以提供具競爭力的價格

(2)   一站式服務


(3)   提供設計 OEM 服務

我們提供超過700款不同設計,可供客戶選擇,客戶亦可用OEM 設計 

(4)   品質控制


(5)   準時交貨